Understanding Salvation. A Personal Note.

I believe in God’s unfathomable Mystery and Being and creative relationship with human beings. We cannot absolutize God in and through our particular experience. For God goes beyond and cannot be contained of what is particular.

I understand and believe that salvation is a non-normative way. It is rich in diversity and expressions of people who find themselves in different cultures, religions, work, place in society, and experiences. No one possesses the ‘only’ means of salvation.

Living in an enormously diverse culture and realities, we experience and understand salvation differently. Salvation, being multi-religious and multi-cultural, is manifested in a specific context of individuals and communities. For the poor, salvation is to have something to eat everyday. For farmers and fisher folks, it is a good weather and plentiful harvest and catch. For women, it is equality and empowerment of their role in the society and the church. For the victims of oppression and violence, it is justice and liberation. Believing in the God who penetrates people in time and place, salvation for me becomes both concrete and eschatological. It is experienced in a particular situation and circumstances and yet its fulfillment in God is not yet.

Taking on all the never ending issue about salvation among all religions, I strongly believe that salvation is an ongoing transformation that happens to us. It is primarily directed to the integral human good in relation to the rest of creation, and the finality of our human becoming in and through the God of our experience. Salvation is for all people regardless of culture, classes, race, color, gender, age and religion.

We must never forget that God alone saves not the religion. And it is determined by how we live our life and how we become as a person.


Nette delos Reyes said...

Amazing views/ realizations- very true... Nowadays, it saddens me to think that a lot of people do not really understand the meaning of salvation.Bottom line kasi talaga is our personal relationship with Him. Religion could not save us.Only God. He has offered the gift of salvation free for everybody.

Salvation is personal though and no one can make that decision for you nor make the decision to stand as a substitute in your place. The only way to be cleansed from sin is through repentance and faith in the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Salvation is when you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and you turn your back on sin. Salvation is when you renounce any worldly pleasure and every involvement with corrupt and wicked ways and not wanting to sin anymore. (In the dictionary, "renounce" means: to give up a habit, a practice or former things.) You focus your heart and mind on God and let Him be your judge.......