The Immortal Bind between Man and Woman

Man and woman. Beautiful creatures made by God. Masters of creation. Indeed, there exists a special bond between these two creatures - so alike and yet so wonderfully different.

Even in ancient times, during the height of Greek civilization, the ancient Greeks already have their own perception about this man-woman relationship. Greek mythology is just one of the things which depict this.

Man-woman relationship during the Greek's time - in Greek mythology - is pretty much the way it is now. Man gets attracted to woman and woman gets attracted to man. Then not only the men may make the move to woe a girl. Even women made advances towards the men in which they will either fail or succeed. So it is until today. Both man and woman have to risk in attempting to win the affection of their loved one. Just as before, it would indeed take a lot of perseverance and patience if one wishes to succeed.

In Greek mythology, even gods fall in love with mortals. So it is now. Power and wealth should not be hindrances in true love. As in Greek mythology, true love persists and lasts and exists beyond the physical. Also, the Greeks truly valued marriage, except for some who would not have second thoughts towards infidelity. So it is today, but I guess that infidelity coud not be ascribed to true love as those who truly loved would be willing to sacrifice for only one person and that person alone.

In Greek mythology, there was equality among the gods and the goddesses or men and women. Although of course there were still some things that are more suited for a man and there are also things which are more appropriate for women. Even then, respect towards the opposite sex was exercised, and there was a proper way of doing things, such as the proper way of courting. On the other hand, even women can get disrespected if they do not act in a becoming manner as it is today.

Yes, times haven't changed much. But then I guess, this is really part of man's nature - somehow built into his nature, that no matter how time changes and advances, man-woman relationships will still be the way it is.


Anonymous said...

thinkerarian, i appreciate your reflection about the relationship between a man and a woman. You must have really had good experience when it comes to relationships, but may I ask you, what is your stand when it comes to "man-to-man or woman-to-woman" relationships. In Greek mythology, did things such as these ever existed?


thinkerarian said...

Hi, Jesse!

Bear with me, too busy...
Relationships of the same sex may seem immoral, but who are we to judge? I don't go for man-to-man or woman-to-woman relationships. Not condemning them 'coz I'm not in their shoe. although I personally don't approve of this, I don't think anybody's in a position to say that this is wrong (they have the right to be happy), since we're not the one's involved and since a lot of these people can't help the way they are.
I don't think homosexual relationships existed in greek mythology.
Thanks Jesse and to everyone per se. GOD BLESS!

Jesse said...

Hi there! Before anything else, I would like to extend my regards to all MHM admin and staff, your blogsite is outstanding, keep it up! I would also like to thank esp you, thinkerarian for the reply to my inquiry. MHM articles are really good, it spreads a lot of information and it educate its readers as well. Thank you and more power.

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merhime said...

Hi Jesse! Thank you for your kind remarks :) It is wonderful to hear such words from our readers. Maye ba you would also like to check our "Moral or Immoral" by The Scholar so you can get a free ebook! Best regards (MHM admin)

axl said...

Homosexual relationship is a sin and sodomy itself is a sin, remember the one the Bible "Sin of Sodom" where God persecuted the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Although at present times, gays and lesbians are already accepted by the society and even here in the US, gays and lesbian lovers can already marry each other... but we must remember one thing, they may be accepted in the eyes of the common people... but this is an immoral act and a grave sin the the eyes of God.

Anonymous said...

"... but this is an immoral act and a grave sin the the eyes of God." -- How do we know? God is omnipotent and ever-forgiving. It is He who will and can give judgement. I agree though that it shouldn't be encouraged... but I think those who are involved in productive and harmonious same-sex relationships should not be condemned.

axl said...

Do you ever get to browse the Bible? Isn't it that God persecuted the people of Sodom and Gomorrah because their men were committing sodomy? God Himself condemned them. But I didn't say in my statement that they should be condemned because in the first place, we have no right to condemn them and only God has the right to do so. All I said was it is as sin in the eyes of God which is based on the Bible.

Jesse said...

Same sex relationships may seem immoral to some but as thinkerarian said "who are we to judge?". We must understand that love conquers all, that love set no boundaries. If you really love someone, may it be the same or the opposite sex, what matters most is that the harmonious relationship you share with each other and the value of being honest and true to yourself and to your partner.

Anonymous said...

I think I know my Bible quite well enough to make such statements :) However, I do not use the words of the Bible to judge anyone or to have a limited understanding of God's ways & judgement (although I am not saying that you are). What I mean is, I don't think we can "put words on God's mouth" because there were things that were written on the Bible. Even in the Catholic Christian Doctrine, it was stated that homosexuals must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivoty. What they are going through are a part of their passion... of their sacrifice... of their evolution as a child of God. If one's suffering is having a disease... maybe a homosexual's suffering could be finding his/her purpose or deciding whether of not he/she will accept himself as a homosexual. They are also called to attain inner freedom... just like everyone else. But this is not what we are discussing right? We all know that they should be treated with respect just like everyone else... I just had to express my thoughts on this and share it with everyone. Oh, BTW i was wondering how homosexuality became equated to sodomy?

axl said...

How is homosexuality equated with sodomy? BTW, do you know what sodomy means?

The term includes all sexual acts other than coital sex between a male and female. Although not gender specific by definition, in common use sodomy generally refers to homosexual intercourse between males.

In its widest definition "sodomy" refers to anal penetration, oral sex, masturbation and paraphilia. The term is also sometimes used to describe human-animal sexual intercourse (also known as bestiality or zoophilia); this is the primary meaning of the cognate German language word Sodomie.

According to the Bible, God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for unacceptable sexual practices, apparently including anal intercourse between men. Sodomy takes its name from the city of Sodom.

Many governments have laws against sodomy. These laws are difficult to enforce, however, and many people believe they violate personal privacy.

To all MHM admin and staff, I would like to ask for an apology for posting such things but I just answered anonymous' question and let me make things clear, I don't condemn homosexuals, I am not againsts it either, what I'm trying to point out is that, it is a sin, no matter how people try to cover it through formulated laws that can encompass it.

ambush101 said...

Guys, let me remind you, the topic is about the bind between man and woman, how did we get to sodomy or homosexuality? Why don't we just stick to the topic?

But anyway, it seems that homosexuality is a nice topic too so I would also like to share my own thoughts about it. For me, homosexuality is not really bad, you know as we grow up, esp during teens, we tend to go through identity crisis, it is the stage where we start to discover our sexual preference and orientation. There are certain factors affecting our sexual behaviors such as peer pressure, environment, family background, etc. Many countries are already open to third sex and I find it amazing since they don't critisize nor condemn them coz even the third sex should be treated with respect and understanding and they deserve equal rights as normal people have like the right to love and be loved and to live in this world.

marv said...

As I have researched, homosexual relationships never existed in Greek mythology... But in Greek history, it existed but it is more on bisexual relationships. Greek heroes like Alexander the Great and Achilles were both in relationships with both men and women. Their bisexuality were depicted in almost all history books. Alexander(who has two wives) was in relationship with a man named Hepaestion; Achilles also with man named Patroclus. Even Darius the Great of Persia (who was married to a woman) was also in sexual relationship with a man named Bagoas. When Alexnader defeated and killed Darius, Bagoas was turned to Alexander as a gift and eventually one of Alexander's lover. Meanwhile, the Iliad states the love of Achilles to Patroclus, their relationship is held up as a model of sexual love, usually interpreted as pederastic which means in a wider sense, it is referred to as the erotic love between adolescents and adult men.

OK, there... a little information for all of you.
Now we know that even in ancient times, such relationships already existed so who are we to judge homosexuals and bisexuals.