On Freedom

You can't tame a wild horse
just as you can't contain a passionate soul.

I'd rather die than live without liberty for it is what makes me -- ME.
It is what makes me dance, what makes me sing.
It is what makes me hope, what makes me trust.
Freedom brings us to paths without dead ends. It always presents us choices that when guided by both reason and heart, will eventually lead us to our purpose.
Freedom is always available to those who are willing to accept it. Those who are to accept it though must be wise enough to use it...
for it might also be their pit of delay...
Run away and educate yourself!
Be responsibly free!
You are born out into this world without shackles.


Ed said...

We've seen wild horses tamed, can't be sure if they were happier when wild and free. Is a passionate soul same as a free spirit? Perhaps one day, passion subsides but a free spirit seems to always simply flow with time leaving past and present for the uncertain but adventurous tomorrows. Embracing the eventuality and certainty of impermanence and death. Rare are they that truly love freedom. Most prefer the comfort of attachments and the pleasure of predictability. For these, unfortunately, we sell or barter our inherent freedom. Being free can be lonely. . . . till we find kindred spirits. Is this the real nature of life?