A Pilgrim's Promise

International Open Poetry Contest (December 2006)

I wish to be a gifted sibyl,
so that I would answer the when's and what's of life.
Injustice and arrogance be expunged from what surrounds me,
and let myself be free from strife.

Weak and hopeless I will be not,
though I know obstacles will be standing by.
My dream... my purpose, will withstand the storm,
if fate would not acquiesce with my each desire.

I have no reason to be an impuissant traveler,
I shall trust my God with every direction.
My journey will go on 'til I reach the realm of the wise,
I will not yield but hold on with conviction.

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Anonymous said...

Nice poem! Keep it up!

Ed said...

Great expression from a pure heart. A clear expression of true identity, affirmation of being, spiritual connection, and a continuing commitment to achieve. Just a thought though, can injustice and arrogance be ever really be expunged or can we ever be freed from strife? Or can we just evolve to be positively deal with them, because that is the very reason for these negativities? Looking forward to your award winning poem.

beaver said...

Very nice! More power and keep it up!