Equations of Spiritual Growth

Welcome to the first edition of the
Spiritual Growth Carnival!

There is no single set of rules -- much more no easy way to attain a higher level of consciousness. In this world, the situations in our lives become the means to mold us -- prepare us for something bigger than ourselves. In our path to spiritual growth, we should learn to be in touch with ourselves and communicate with our Inner Being. When we have successfully done this we acquire the gift of discernment, wisdom, compassion, peace, and joy.

We all know that our experiences and interpretations about spiritual growth vary and so for the first edition of the Spiritual Growth Carnival, let us present to you the different equations of spiritual growth.

1. Self - (self) = emptying the self

Spiritual growth may begin when one learns how to empty the self. In order to empty oneself, a person should accept that he/she is nothing without the Higher Self or Being. In Raymond David Salas' article called The Power of Surrender, learn simple "Spiritual Tools" in order for you to experience the power of surrender. You can find this article at - Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul.

Emptying oneself is not a one-time event. It should be practiced in one's everyday life to continue to receive it's fruits. It is not easy either. Meditation is one way to free yourselves from the busy world we live in -- but remember, meditation demands patience and discipline. In a short article by Darren Hayhurst entitled The Minds Focus posted at Darren, learn a simple way to meditate. Another way to meditate is presented by Man Anonymous in a simple article entitled About Meditation posted at Blog of Mr. Anonymous.

2. Self - (hurts + vices + attachments) = freeing the self

To attain spiritual growth, we must learn to let go of our bondages. Are you willing to let go? Dr. Hal presents North Star Mental Fitness Blog: Christmas posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.

For many centuries, the term "church" has been widely misunderstood. Unfortunately until now, a church is perceived by many simply as a building or place of worship. But it is not only that -- the Church is the people of God communing in faith and charity. When we serve our God through serving others, we begin to learn how to sacrifice and free ourselves from being attached to worldly desires. Although we may not be aware of it, our hurts also become healed and we become renewed. Nevertheless, no matter how beautiful the concept of the Church is, becoming a member of one is not a panacea. We will still encounter challenges that will continue to mold us and make ourselves wholly. Read KWiz's personal experience in the article entitled, Can A Christian Grow Spiritually Without The Church? posted at WOMEN WALKING IN WISDOM'S FOOTSTEPS™.

3. (Self - expectations) + (openness + acceptance) = purpose and meaning

Read Ayesha Ashley's personal experience and learn how she discovered her own gift in her article Find YOUR gift. posted at Find YOUR gift.

4. Self - (doubts) + (trust + discipline + vision) = True Teacher

If before, personal growth happens through time and that the tradition of healing is passed on from one generation to another, nowadays personal and healing skills development can come with a cost. Maria Yu presents Cost of Personal Development and Spiritual Growth posted at art-life-spirit. If personal growth and healing seminars are too costly, should we let these be a hindrance towards our path to spiritual growth?

For those who would like to try out reiki, tc presents Choosing a reiki teacher posted at reikiblogger. The blind cannot lead the blind so this is a must read if you want to make your future classes worthwhile.

How about kundalini? JJ Semple presents My Meeting with Gopi Krishna posted at k~Blog.

On the other hand, if you can't afford to enroll for a course on improving your personal life, why not read Peri-Coeurtney-Enkin's article called Living Big in Love and Work - Do What Deliberate Creators Do posted at JT Chandler. What's great about it is that it's simple, effective, and free!

Unlock the master within you... here's another great post entitled Channeling Inspiration by Lorenzo posted at RealitySeeds.

5. Self - ignorance= empowerment

Mark McManus reminds us that "we are what we think". Read The Purpose Of Circumstance and How To Take Control posted at Build Your Life To Order (tm) and let yourself be empowered.

What does faith have to do with everything in your life? Alan presents The power of Faith posted at Made to Be Great.

When you are free of your bondages, you begin to become empowered. A word of caution though, spiritual highness doesn't last long. After a moment of feeling 'connected', there will be a moment of 'non-movement'. It is when some people feel as if nothing is happening in their lives or that they have stopped growing spiritually. During this moment, stay strong and hold on to you faith, because when the right time comes and you are prepared, an 'awakening' will occur in your life. Read John Hill's thoughts in the article entitled Becoming Aware Of The Real World posted at Universe Of Success.


Ken presents the guiding principles from a Japanese samurai known as Miyamoto Musashi. Read his article entitled, Lessons Learned from the Greatest Samurai, Part I posted at Ken Nubo, PUA extraordinaire and ranting buddhist.

As one becomes more mature, his/her perception is widened. Scott Lee presents Cycles of Clarity posted at Dirty Mechanism. When events in your life seem to go wrong, just trust the path that leads you to a greater understanding of things.

Can we be happier? Yes! How? Miguel presents How to Be Happier posted at Think Happy Thoughts Happiness Blog. Also, Barbra Sundquist presents Joy Is Not the Same as Happiness posted at

Inner joy also comes from being thankful for the blessings that we receive day by day. Alan presents Attitude of Gratitude posted at Made to Be Great.

We are all treading the path to spiritual growth -- only in different levels. To know whether you have already gone far is not essential. What's more important is that, despite the noise around you -- you are able to keep still and tranquil -- you are able to maintain the feeling of oneness with a Higher Being or Self, with Nature, and with the creatures around us.

Wishing you a blessed journey! We hope you have enjoyed this month's edition of the Spiritual Growth Carnival and that bloggers will continue to share with us their knowledge, thoughts, and experiences. Thank you very much.


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