There amidst the gleaming land,
courageously fighting the harsh glare of sun,
stood a flower, graceful in her stead,
so simple, so colorful and so alive...

alive, so alive that it seems breathing,
as it bent over, to smell its fragrance,
neither excessive nor a pungent scent,
just a wholesome and sweet fragrance.

but as the day passes, it shrivels
leaving only a mark of fading scent.
leaving a pathetic representation of day's ruin,
so like the seasons that change our lives.

seasons that again and again come in our lives Picture by Arlene
that change us for better for worse,
only, in the end, manipulating us...
entering the night of unknowable void.

for life is like a delicate flower,
held by a mortal sinner's hand,
that can flourish and blossom on good and loving hands...
but can languish and die on a ferocious and corrupted hands...


nympha jean said...

hehehe.. cute po sya.... how i wish i could be a flower.. a flower that could share what i've got.not only its fragance but to inspire others... hihihihii.. kaka inspire po...

Anonymous said...

One of the best poems na nabasa ko. Ang ganda nung flower sa picture. Keep it up! Lance