The patches of green dotting this creation of neoteric constructions and lights live unrecognized and inconsequential to mostly a preponderance of inhabitants. During a sunny day, God's authority, hidden, is actually presented in the wondrous modifications being showed in just that one bardic tree.

I'd like you to evoke for a while what your high school biology teacher taught you. What is the vital use of the plants stirring humanity? Don't take too long, now. Have you the answer? That's right. Photosynthesis! Definition please.

Photosynthesis is the manufacture of carbohydrates out of carbon dioxide and water by the chlorophyll bodies in the presence of sunlight wih the incidental release of oxygen. Plants obtain their raw materials in two ways: water from the soil, absorbed by their positively geotropic often-branching roots; and carbon dioxide from the air penetrating through their breathing organs, the stomatas of their leaves. God has given plants a certain machinery - the chlorophyll bodies the leaves bestowed with the capability to generate food and transmogrify the kinetic energy of the sun into a possible configuration. The plants also supply us the component oxygen they accidentally release for us to be able to oxidize our food and transmogrify the possible energy into kinetic energy for the sustenance of our lives.

Oh, let's not go in too much into the systematic iota. Anyway, these green plants manufacture carbohydrates which they blend into other organic substances such as protiens, fats and oils, vitamins, etc. Yes absolutely, the superior food supplier is Mother Nature's transcendent and venerated greens.

If plant existence were annihilated the catastrophe of humanity would eventuate. Just think, the need of oxygen supplied by plants would in very minimal space of time strangle the existence out of humanity. One might emulate that if animal existence were absent, plant life would also die because of lack of carbn dioxide, one of the raw materials for food-making. It is true that plants rely on for existence on inorganic substances which we and the animals use if we are to live. We oxidize these organic substances to emancipate energy for the prolongation of the essential proceedings going in our bodies. We transmogrify them into inorganic substances which are still too complex for plant use. The bacteria links the gap between the animal nutrition and plant nutrition and act on the complex inorganioc materials generated by transmogrifying it into a configuration ready for plant use. And the eon goes on.

Even if animal existence were to stop, the plants would still have their provenience of carbon dioxide which is one of the inorganic substances they demand. On the death of the plants the bacteria of decay will act upon them and during the process of decomposition, carbon dioxide is emancipated. Water, another inorganic substance plants demand is no problem, for there are the vast oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes; the steady evaporation from these water beds would provide them with the fine liquid. A double gargantuan conspiracy of existence is very concievable: the plant holophytic nutrition hand in hand with the bacteria saprophytic nutrition.

Thus it certainly is a propel to man's awareness of conceit to have to accept that in this cosmos in the Gargantuan Triad conspiracy of Existence, he is the least important.

Plants are so abundant that they give human being not only food, air, and medicine but also perfumes, dyes, oils, rubber, paper, etc. Plants have a path of getting into human beings colorful existence too. Flowers for the delicate girl and diamonds fo the lover. A diamond is the solidified carbon of plants from geologic era. Idealize houses and buildings gracing this humus are made from the gratuity of trees - lumber. Coal and petroleum which provide for large industries, running into billions of dollars are also of plant origin. All these grants particularly in dormant consfiguration have been used by human being and he has taken benefit of them so that he has precocious himself to the atomic age.

These possessions may startle or electrify the ordinary layman, but in truth they are only indications of what we convey when we enunciate of "GOD's VERDURE KINDNESS."


axl said...

Actually, I'm confused.... Are we taking up biology here or botany? But yes, I agree with you... God works in so many mysterious ways that is why every single living organism in this world is interconnected and interdependent upon each other's existence and survival, the food chain cycle. Yes indeed, God showed how much He much loves us by giving us an abundant, beautiful yet mysterious world to live in but it lies in every human beings hands how this world be restored, nourished and cherished.