Life is
a lovely white rose
so smelly, so sweet
so nice to possess
yet never forget its bristles

Life is
a bird in the sky
so high it flies
that I cannot feel it
yet it calms down so low.

Life is
a tree in the wasteland
so flexible it grows
so sways with the wind
but so strong its roots.

Life is
an unforeseen weather
so radiant and light and fresh
then melancholy,vapid, and dusky
tomorrow what!

Life is
an ocean that sways
so serene it sweeps and
nonviolent it lies
yet raging it attacks.

Life is
a gamut of mountains
its peak I cannot measure
its core I cannot comprehend
its crest with its base

Life is
what it is
a quandary, a riddle
two sides it features
one and then the other

It's up to you to enjoy...or endure.


Marv said...

Life is like a flower spreading its fragrance to the world like a garland gently swaying amidst the raging breeze. Life is like the sun shining like a smile, that radiates, capturing the essence of humanity in the hands of time. Life is like you, a person full of wisdom, who proliferates her God-given gift to humanity like a messenger of God, drawing people nearer to Him. Life is the love of God and His love is felt through the graces He bestows on us.

Thinkerarian, I don't know who you are but you amaze me.

fmljm said...

thinkerarian, this is such a wonderful poem, it shows how you really value life. BTW, we really appreciate your blogsite, it imparts knowledge, inspiration and enlightenment. We expect more compositions that will touch more one's existence.

On behalf of my colleagues, we would like to suggest that the names of authors must be posted below each article.

Keep it up! More power and God Bless!!!!