Moral or Immoral?

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The Story

Mario and Linda got married but parted ways after three years. The problem started to arise when Mario discovered that Linda, wanting not to get pregnant, was taking medicines every time her menstruation was delayed. The arguments went on for a few months because the two of them were unable to make an agreement on having a baby. Linda was far too stubborn and seemed not in any way convinced to conceive. In effect, Mario stopped insisting to discuss the matter with Linda in order to give his wife some space. Eventually, the issue died down for a while until a more sensitive problem arose. The rumors about Linda flirting with another man gradually spread in their place. This was an issue that Mario and his family ignored and considered as mere gossips. The rumors continued until one day, Mario discovered for and by himself Linda's infidelity. The rumors have been confirmed. It was the last straw in their relationship that Mario asked for separation.

When the families of both parties discussed the matter, Linda went back to her parents' house. From then on, no communication existed between them. After two years, news came that Linda was already living with another man. Another year passed when Mario met and had a regular contact with Susan, a widow with two children. After some time, the two finally decided to live together and treated Susan's children as his own. After a year, they were blessed with a child. They are now living as a couple for 10 years with Susan's children and their daughter, Angelica.

Mario tries his best to give Susan and their children a decent life. As a jeepney driver, he works hard to provide for the needs of his family as well as for the education of his children. Mario is a faithful husband, a loving father and a responsible head of the family while Susan, a loving mother and wife, remains at home to take care of Mario and the children. They maybe poor but they are a happy family.

Even if they wish to marry in church and become a legally married couple, Mario and Susan cannot be married because of Mario's previous marriage. Annulment was out of the question since it is costly and Mario cannot afford it. They belong to a below average bracket in society that the sustenance of their basic needs has been an everyday struggle. Unfortunately, because they are not married, their only daughter was never baptized and confirmed. In addition to that, Angelica was not able to receive her first communion, something they consider as a great deprivation. No one have helped or advised them on the possibilities regarding the matter and left them clueless and unguided.

Despite these, particularly their marital situation, Mario's second family is faithful and active churchgoers. They participate in Parish activities and in the celebration of the Eucharist but receiving communion had remained a mere desire. They have a good relationship with their community and their relationship is well accepted by their families and relatives.

Are they immoral? Adulterous? Living a sinful life all those years?

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Note: Names of the persons in the post, "Moral or Immoral?" have been altered for the secrecy of the identity of the persons involved.


Ed said...

Gee, really I'm not an unbiased subject. But my heart's greed for freebies makes me unable to resist commenting.LOL. Seriously, I don't think morality is a "matter of letters" nor it is arrived at "by the books". Isn't it really a "matter of conscience" or "by the heart"? That which resonates from deep in our heart. Anyway I look at it, no person with his/her heart in the right place would judge them immoral. Complicate syllogism in this case would simply be be erudite nonsense.

joey said...

i know a similar story of a person in my hometown. its even worse because he was put in "disciplinary action" which is just a better term for "kicking him out". Both Mario in the story and the person Im talking abt have needs...emotionally and sexually and longing for a functional and happy family. Many times, the society (and sadly, church too) is too legalistic and theoretical...neglecting practicality. Angelica (Mario and Susan's daughter) denied of participating in church ritual is like children of illegal immigrants denied of education and healthcare. So my opinion regarding this issue is, it is understandable that Mario and Susan would live together. The anullment is just a paper for legality sake (human system) which itself is flawed because only those who can afford the costly procedures would be "justified" if they do the same.


beaver said...

I believe and hope based on the fact that Jesus Christ came to redeem us and no sin is too great for God's complete and unconditional love. As long as parents honor their families , teach their children to walk in God's ways and discipline them with love, likewise, as long as children respond with respect and obedience God promised a life full of blessings and goof things. I leave the judgement to God.