by ThinkerArian

Why I learn to love you,
whom I never see and don't know.
Why I fall to someone like you
and felt I truly love you.

Love is a great mystery
hard to resist and fight
just for an exchanging messages
I was trap and touched.

Stranger, you possess a magnetic charm
a strong-willed that I am
carried away by your saccharine approach
gives a bit change and colors my world.

Your being God fearing attracts me most
your rich ideas full of His words draw me more close
lifting our spirits to Him are your words
to feel His presence at the midst of our repose.

Stranger, why I can't resist you?
Why I can't ignore you?
Why I can't freed myself from thinking of you?
Though I wish to get out of your life and totally forget you.

You open my heart to this kind of love,
and let me feel more that my life showered with love.
But why this time I feel the emptiness
and letting me feel a chaos life.

I don't know here to put myself and where to stand
for you're not giving me an assurance of love
ignoring my queries makes me feel sad
tormented heart is what I have.

Oh, stranger, I feel a bloody heart
you're really a valiant warrior and struck my heart
hitting my life with that killing shot
and pampering me with your venomous delight.

'Til when I'll be in this cage of pain
'til when I'll wait for your answers to give me light
'til when I'll understand your demanding routine
'til when I"ll wait to see you real.

You're a stigma that marks my being
strong force I can't understand keeps me pulling
reminding me of you and communicate often
and never give up loving you.

we build strong relationship with powerful faith
God-centered we are what we believe
He is at our midst you always uttered
protecting us and make believe.

I feel Hid presence in my agonizing moment
comforting me in my loneliness
"don't give up" and "cheer up" from a voice I heard
favored blessing I heard and granted.

Stranger, God truly loves you
because you're always with Him and in him
He doesn't want us to stop serving
and do something great for Him.

Our relationship is really blessed
but it's within us to fight trials and adversities,
we both promised to love each other 'til out last breath
and made a vow to the Lord with sweet promises.

Things happened through exchanging messages
uniqueness of relationship we have you said
made us free; it's realness and faithfulness
with the Lord we owe our life and respect.

You and me with the Lord
what a great and wonderful moment we shared
despite the distance, miles apart we couldn't easily reach
still go on and fight over battles of life we encounter and felt.

'Til when we'll be like this?
will you fight for me and stand to your promises?
How I wish you'll not give up and fulfill it
to make dream come true and fell its true happiness.

Will there be a chance for us to meet?
Will there be time for us to live together?
Will you be forever a stranger to me?
Ah! whatever will be...