'Til the Final Curtain Call

Dedicated to: "Tanglaw" cast and crew (Canossa Academy 97-98)
PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association)

Piquant juveniles in the theatrical world,
Nursed a friendship so special and hard to unfold
The sun may set early but we have to move on,
Though time whiles away fast the flame will still burn

Everything was great until end came in the way,
Everyone did nothing but endeavored to stay
But the wind blew and it hit us really hard,
Others succumed while others struggled to stand

Today, tomorrow and forevermore,
May the friendship we built let love be its core
Today, tomorrow and eternally,
May the flame in our hearts be true and fiery

And now as the curtains are drawn to close,
Our dreams.. our music will forever strike a pose
The spotlight in us will radiate at all,
Howbeit they summon for the final curtain call.