On Cherished Moments

There are moments in our lives that we can't let go of.
The time when we gazed at our first sunset,
or when we reached the top of a mountain,
or when we successfully finished Calculus...
these moments give meaning to who we are now...
these moments are powerful and life-changing...
these moments are kept in our hearts,
no matter how long,
no matter how far we've gone.

Let us keep in mind that these moments are never possible
without other people.
In this life, we are bound to encounter friends and foes.
Without them,
we are not motivated and
our lives would be meaningless.
Let us be thankful for those who
inspire us,
educate us,
discipline us...
they are the puzzle pieces that make our lives whole.

In your life,
what are the moments you cherish most?
Is it with your family?
with friends?
Do you think your life will be the same without them?