On Loving and Losing

A day above the ordinary was when love has stumbled upon my path
and kept me afloat.
I asked myself, “are you the one?”
As I gazed into your eyes, I found my home.
Time has stripped off the circumstances
of mastering your scent
and the ways you reflect,
the times you praise your god
and the songs you love,
the stories you make up
and the aspirations you desire,

-- what moves you
-- what inspires you.
You were drawn from my side so suddenly,
that I wished to stay a bit longer in the past…
so I could hear you
smell you
touch you
feel you
-- once again.

Long have I waited for your return, but you never came.
The sweet breeze of spring has been overshadowed
by the melancholic songs of tomorrow.
Now, all I have are words to create your likeness.
Everything else slowly vanishes from my memories.
The rain and the sunshine…
the smell of the morning dew…
and the feeling of melting in your embrace.
Set me free. Let me face my new home.
A place where I ought to be.


Ed said...

So personally honest and humanly vulnerable. Such candidness in expressing one's feelings helps to liberate the rest of us from our resistance to the transience of life.
Welcome back.