On Times of Refreshing

I am sickened. I couldn't bear the anguish caused by a society so oblivious and left untaught. One day, I arose from my deathbed... my life hasn't fully changed. But it did make a difference.

With all my strength, I raced away from the world that smothered me most of my existence. I ran. Far away. Without a destination in mind. I ran until I felt it was the farthest I could reach.

I rested -- and I breathed -- and it felt wonderful. Time passed by so fast. I realized that I have stayed too long. Gracefully, the trees that surround me danced as the sunlight faded. Then I gazed into the horizon with awe as I watched the sunset. It wasn't just like any other sunset. It was the first time I paid attention to it. The first time when I felt that missing the sun hide behind the clouds would mean missing a big part of my life...

Before it totally disappeared before my very eyes, it delivered its final discourse.

...That everyday is a new day and a new beginning. Our passions should shine from within us -- let it refresh us from spiritual decay and heal us from torment. We should keep on going... rising with persistence and setting to rest and gather up ourselves for the next day.

I smiled. I was pleased. It was like a dream. And when dreaming, I knew I had to wake. And so I did. I woke up with a friend by my side realizing that I wasn't alone all along.