Friendship is the beginning of intimate relationship
exchanging and sharing messages is best to understand and keep
making relationship intact and grown so deep
intelligently, professionally understanding everything
maintain harmonious relationship.

You change the feelings and let the seed trying to implant grow
observing own self makes wonder and feels emptiness
meditating and praying is the best antidote did
image of GOD is what I always search.

Obey and examine the inner feeling I kept inside need to respect
Learning from this aspect is the toughest I need to face
uproaring sudden change of feelings caters me to search
sacrosanct decision I need to express 'til find peace
immortality of sacred relationship fervently wish GOD will bless

Love change what's within and gives me rest
unristricted emotion gives me relief
candor expression is the best action must enunciate
inevitable emotion challenge myself to seek
acceptance of what I really feel freed me from tormented cage
nascent of new journey and huge responsibilty I'll face and take
obedience, open hearted I'll totally give
let's build strong, sacred, holy, love relationship.