A Time with God

What is Prayer? It is our way of communicating to God. It is in prayer that we can express our gratitude to our Provider -- even our hopes and desires. Nneka presents Prayer 101 posted at Spirituality Applied to Life.

In prayer, we begin to be in touch with the Higher Being. In silence, we begin to cast our cares on God and begin to contemplate. In contemplation, we begin to listen and be in touch with our inner selves. Karen Lynch presents an article on listening and trusting your own wisdom. Read Intuitions and Wisdom posted at Live The Power.

Would you like to spend time for meditation but are you too busy to sit down and keep still? Know the special benefits and other interesting information about walking meditation by Michelle Wood in her great article entitled Walking Meditation posted at Living Stress-Free ~ Naturally!. How about a simple meditative technique by Chris? Read his article entitled Cultivating Happiness with the Secret Smile posted at Martial Development.

Spending time for prayer can be a big task for some. But the fruits of prayer are great. It is a worthwhile activity that we should all make time for.

When God becomes a part of your activities, He will keep on sending us signs and symbols for us to continue trusting in Him. Read a remarkable experience by Raymond David Salas in his artcle entitled Pennies From Heaven posted at - Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul.


Kavit Haria presents Calmness admist the storm posted at Kavit Haria.

Laura Young presents More on Life Purpose: Sometimes You Leave Clues posted at Dragon Slayer's Guide to Life.

Miguel Trujillo presents Invincible Happiness and Look for What You Want to Find posted at Think Happy Thoughts Happiness Blog.

Do you want to break a bad habit? do you wish to improve you life? Erich presents 10 Days to a Better Life posted at LifeTraining - Online.

David Maister presents Islamic Saying posted at Passion, People and Principles.


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Michelle Wood said...

Thanks for including my post on walking meditation. I've enjoyed the other entries, too!

Ed said...

God, sorry for calling you that, I was told you are really nameless.
I just took to heart a suggestion to take time and communicate. Yes, you can hear my thoughts but this is also for me to see the words that come out from my heart. (And it is good to commit it to print since I have become unreliably foregetful)
As you know, I've been rebelling from you for quite sometime, or so I think. But, what do I know, I find myself wanting to thank you for some deep feeling I have now. Did you do that to me? Anyways, I feel my heart aligning back in the right place and I like the feeling. Thanks. I hope you are not joking, do you sometimes do that?
I would like express some hopes and desires as suggested but it felt kinda selfish and redundant because you already know that. But maybe it is a good idea because I may not really know what they are. Actually, I'm embarrassed to say it openly, so this is just between us.
It does feel good to cast my cares on You, but doesn't it always feel good to be unburdened and to contemplate. It is really the getting in touch of my inner self, isn't it? Or is that you who is there inside. Jesus said, that Your Kingdom is within us, he's right, isn't he? Intuition! I love that word! That's you talking to me in intuition?

Okay, okay. It is really great talking to You, and I should do it more often. Promise.