Life is Beautiful

Man is really lucky to receive a life that he makes use of in developing his talents, skills, and expertise to lead and help others. He is the master of macrocosm. By his own ingenuity he can do myriad of effects in and for the universe he lives in: beautification, exploration, inventions, etc., which make life absorbing. For those who accomplish something, life is indifatigable; for those who create something,life is excitement and adventure; for those who lead, life is easy and for those who are distressed, life is a mere subsistence.

There are only three kinds of humans in the world: first,the pessimist; second, the mediocre, and third, the optimist. The pessimist sees the negative in things that happen; the mediocre is never affected by either pessimism or optimism; and the optimist sees the positive in things that happen. One of the most notable habitude for us to nurture is to be well-founded in everything that happens.

Most of the time we neglect the beauty of life because we are over - burdened with, worries, work, and predicaments. We let ourselves be carried away by these things. It really takes an immense of valor to be able to over-throw these pressing things. It is how we discern life that makes it beautiful. It is how we take things that come our way that makes life interesting. Our everyday variations of experiences are awe-inspiring things to cogitate and learn lessons from them.

Having a vision for the future is also one way of seeing at things in a productive way. Forget the past when you were thwarted, when u committed mistakes, when you encountered adversities, but cherish in your heart the times when you were happy, when you won success, when you learned lessons from your mistakes, and when you were blessed for such a conjuction make life beautiful.


axl said...

Life is truly wonderful and beautiful no matter how complicated things would be, still, life should be enjoyed to the fullest because it is the greatest gift one can receive from God.