For the grace of God that bringeth salvation
Hath appeased men, teaching us,
disputing ungodliness and worldly desires
we should live lucidly, virtuously and godly
in this present world looking for the blessed hope.

the sublime appearing of the great God our savior Jesus Christ;
who gave Himself for us,
from all sinfulness and purify himself a remarkable people
devoted of good works.

In Jesus lies salvation
through Him the work reparation was accomplished.
And need we say that...
man was the only reason for all these?

Yes, all that was sacrificed in calvary was for man alone.
God has previliged us to inherit the imperishable seed.
But sorry to say that...
many of us have neglect this greatest mystery
few are able to inherit
because of apathy, shallowness,and indifference.

At times, man goes astray
being a man is not an excuse for these weakness.
let's not avert that the disclosure will come
of course, Hell is a reality.

the life we now live will determine our eternal destiny
and can one measure this eternity?
whether we like it or not,
we shall have to account for our lives.

Yes, even the Lord was tempted.
despite of these, able to withstand everything
His spirit was always there - willing.

if He's able to withstand them, why can't we?
Let's be hell conscious.
now is the time to make greatest decision