[my cry]

I am living in a circle of misfortunes,
my bones are crushed and I am down to my knees
with dirt on my face and wounds all over my feet.

Where are you God?
I cry out to you Lord, wherever you are.

Hear my plead
Hear my sorrows
Hear my cry
My cry for your light
My cry for your warmth
My cry for your love

It is you who have the power
to wash away the darkness
in my life.

And it is only you who can resurrect me from my grave.

Touch me now.
Hear me now.
Renew me now.
I surrender.


Ed said...

How can we not cry if we could laugh? How can we have faith if we could not doubt?

How could we have joy if we can't have sorrow? How could we have power if we can't have weakness?

We're blessed and doomed in the duality of existence.

I agree. I surrender too.