Angel Whispers

“Love is the only abstract thing in the world that needs no explanation. It speaks a universal language. It knows no limits. It offers itself to the world regardless of race, status, and religion.


~angel~ said...

Hi! I am Felize Mendoza, a 2nd year student from Philippine Science High School. I just want to show you our project in Social Science (Pisay Meets World), We Hold the Future. It shows how students like us can make a difference.

Please click the link below (my teacher's blog) and please also click the video frame which links to YouTube, please leave a comment there, you need an account to comment (in YouTube). We need comments.

The video will take only about 5-6 minutes of your time.

Would you mind putting our video on our site? It would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much. Ü

Ed said...

Ahh . . . love, which kind are you that I feel? Are you the chameleon kind that changes when I least suspect? Beware my heart! Are you truly pure? Are you trust worthily real?

Or will you eventually be selfish and cruel?

Please speak to me with your universal language. There are moments when you are this illusive abstraction that seems to be the only real thing in me? Is that you????

Marv said...

Love, so wonderful yet so mysterious. Love, like the vast ocean, it cover all sorts of creation, it moves the earth, it affects the lives of the many. Love, unconditional yet so conditional, absolute yet indefinite, Love, offers the heart warmth, joy and happiness, yet can be cold, painful and sorrowful. Love mends the heart but can also break it. Love, can be the joy in every sorrow, can be the strength in every weakness. Love, so simple in its meaning, yet so ambiguous, a simple feeling yet so complicated. Love is everything as God is everthing and everything is perfected by the love of God.