My Creator, from the East I can now see the beam of the sun. It's impressiveness and radiant range all over. The blue, calm sea is now turning into a swaying orange scene. The green meadows are transforming into golden, shimmering outlook. From a peaceful and frigid world, it is changing into a busy one. Wake up, please my Creator. Ah! your eyelids start to move, I can witness existence on your face. Your hands begin to open. Then you grin and my heart jumps out of remarkable pleasure. "Good Morning" I greeted and without lingering for me to say another line He quickly replied "A satisfying day to you, my friend. It is still dawn and yet you called me. What do you want?" "May I have a day with you my Creator?" With a blink of an eye, I understood it was Yes.

"My I offer you something for breakfast?" " All I need is a cup of love for the orphans, a loaf of loving kindness for the needy, a slice of covenant and forgiveness for those who have done you wrong, a quantity of flowers for the altar and don't forget a respect of morning prayer." After breakfast, our dialogue began. I was almost a controller in our dialogue, Thus instead of a dialogue, perhaps it will be appropriately called a monologue. "You know, my Creator, I asked for this day when I can talk with you and vent out all the contents of my heart to you. I want you to know how much help you've given me through all those years. I can still clearly remember when I ask solution to my burdens. I tell you this wish before I go to bed then a day or two passed and when I opened my eyes, here comes what I wished. I run through our yard and catch dragonflies, pick flowers that attracts me, climb trees at times. I hurt myself at times, I stumbled but it was seldom for you were my guardian Angel.

Early school days, we were together. All what I see and observed introduced me to a new world. Yet condition was too difficult for on Sundays, I see you and I tell you how I spent the days, what I did. Time flies, it wings are so rapid that after elementary days follow high years then college times. Dear Creator, words are not enough to show you how thankful I am for all those gifts you've bestow me, for all the blessings you've given me and for all those warm-hearted and precious persons you've sent me in my existence. I've never forgotten to say this terse yet hearty prayer to you... I trust in Thee, my Lord. I adore Thee. I love Thee and I thank Thee for the life you give me. I offer all the things I'll do this day for you. Thus in all the ordinary actions I do, I make it extraordinary for it is for Someone who deserves the best of everything. Being at a new challenging life, my dear Creator, please always stay by my side and never leave me. Saturate my soul with your spirit and life. Permeate and own my whole being so utterly that all my life may only be a radiance of You. Shine through me, and be so in me that every soul I come in contact with, may feel Your presence in my soul. Without you I can do very little and practically nothing at all but with You my Creator, I can do great things and even impossible things for the matter. Let me know your command so that I can make your command for me to come true."

"It's evening now and You maybe want some rest or You may maybe hungry. What can I offer You?"

" I want to run around and take a glass of milk."

"Here is your glass of milk. I did it specially for you."

"Thank you. My glass of milk contains various of ingredients. It has a zip of modesty, purity, generosity,genuineness, honesty...Take it so that those attributes will be with you for always. This universe will be a better place to breathe in when love is visible. Distribute it to everyone for in them you'll see me. In a clean heart I'll stay, just call me and enunciate the sincere need for Me and I'll be there. Don't forget to pray always. Till our next dialogue.


Anonymous said...

Great! Extraordinary! Fascinating! I love it! Keep it up!

Lance said...

I love this article, full of meaning. Engrossing and very well-written. nice :-)