Turning the pages of the books containing various paintings, the picture that capture my imagination was that of a mother holding the baby in her arms tenderly. The painter was so resplendent to apprehend the gleam so apparent on the mother's face which unquestionably stemmed from the ardent tenderness she has for her angelic-faced baby while the infant wears that representation of fulfillment and comfort. The picture was not merely a pleasing sight for the eyes but also a disclosure of another magnitude of love-relationship takes place in this world.

Child-bearing is the turning point of a woman's life wherein a pinnacle of her essence is totally vindicated. The Hebrews considered that the greatest dissapointment that a woman could has was to be childless. For being childless was a loss of the possibilty of attaining an exceptional linkage with somebody. Mother and Child relationship is an imperishable emotional conjuction ever flourished between two persons. It commences even before the child left the mother's womb. During the conception, the child leads a sort of dependent occurence in the uterus, totally clinging upon the mother for nutrition, his survival, etc. On the other hand, the mother (while playing the "host" to the fetus, is proving purely her worth and eminence among the human species, and confirming submissively yielding in accordance with God's will) plays the sincere and benevolent host attending to the needs of her most wanted parasite. However, this affiliation between the two does not end when the body is born to face the world but more so, it only abided an imperishable relationship likely to develop between them.

Mother's love is the most authentic love that a woman can give to a human being. It surmount the excitement she felt for herself, because she denies herself totally by the danger she will undergo in giving birth to the child. For indeed, it is true that the other foot of the woman during delivery is embedded at the grave. But this risk is bravely met and withstand by the woman which confirms her love for her scion and to some women it is the fulfillment of her endearment to the husband, and still for some woman, specially the Virgin Mary, is an unambiguous evidence of her genuine love for God.

When an infant tumble from his mother's womb, he faces a world really different from his previous world. He is a total new comer to his mother's world and proximately feared everything. Everything that surrounds him must be a vast sea of mystification. But this terrible sensation within perish by the tender embrace of his mother's fingers and the warmth of her breast. As a child, he flesh out a certain attachment for his mother which ultimately evoked into trust and ending up on loving her.

In a large sense, mother's love for her child is a man's hilarous legacy to humanity. It is because of this love that a perennial of the mortal ways goes on and on. It is realizable that without this love man maybe diminish to the level of the animals which has been extinguished.