When I was younger, I remembered the exquisite story of a unique relationship that existed between a master and his horse. The master and his horse grew successively close together until they moved as one spirit and one mind. The hors became a dear and faithful friend to the master. Until one day, the master recieved news of his horse's death. There came a dead and lifeless look on his face that expressed the intensity of his remorse. The death of his friend horse came as an impact that he no longer cared to live on.

The above story is a touching display of human drama that reached its climax at the death of a loved friend and the ultimate death of the master himself.

Death is a subject we do not talk about with so much appreciation as when we speak about love. Death is something that's hard to easily conquer. It can be horrifying experience for someone who has lost a beloved. Death is a negative thing as well as a positive one. Negative thing because it causes deep agony and sorrow. It brings about an excruciating pain, bitterness and heartache. The terrible nick it carries may even scar and handicap the bereaved for life.

On the other hand, death is a positive thing for when a loved one dies, he is made one with Nature. He is tied to a new beginning where there's no end. He becomes a part of the loveliness of God's creation, for the livid pall of death conceals the fairest blessing His love can give.

Sorrows, be it in the form of death, dissapointments and impediments come to all. No one, whether sick or well, rich or poor is excused from experiencing it in life. Sometimes, we think of problems that cloud our reasons as castigation for nog being too close to Him. We may even speculate our sorrows, misfortune and dilemma are too much to contend with but we, do find people in our midst having double or sometimes triple the burdens we carry. It is astounding how they find a praiseworthy solution to them. As we walk along through the tangle of life, we realize that we are walking hand-in-hand with all mankind, laughing and sorrowing, not alone but with all others.

Sorrow in whatever form it may come must be faced with courage and with truthfulness. They must not find us wanting in courage and spiritual strength for didn't our Lord Jesus Himself brave all human consideration to do the will of GOD for our sake? Didn't He carry the cross of the rugged path of Calvary to reveal us that we too have our crosses to carry, alone? Shouldn't we stop accusing our heavenly Father for our prayers unanswered for He knows too well that what He does is the best for us?

Doubtlessly, there are still seemingly unacceptable crosses to be carried, but we must not fail to remember that these things shall pass away. God never meant us to worry in life. He simply challenges us to accept our cross, carry it bravely as Christ did and become better Christians worthy of this adoring care.

Sorrow is boon. It is a suffering without which we can fully understand the meaning of human existence, how it dies only to live again more beautifully than ever before. Without it, we cannot really find true happiness and peace.


axl said...

Sorrow, it may be a bane or a boon, it is how we accept it and it is how we carry our burdens. It is how se deal with matters that complicate our lives and to people that surrounds us. Though it might be hard carrying a burden but we must remember that God would not give us any if He knows that we can't carry them.