You bestowed the light on a melancholy night
Where moon and stars are on perfect hiding
High-pitched voice from your tiny throat,
A vex of the nights serenity.
But for mother's ears... a melody.
Your smile's a sunshine that
Kissed away the earth's brown facade
Is a warmth to thy mother's breast.
Like a weanling rose
Nurtured with love and tender embraces
You blossomed in beauty to thy mother's eyes.
But like a rose so sweet and yet... so fragile.
You succumbed into malady.
Your chubby cheeks; once tinged with rosy pink,
Now a sunken hollow in thy face.
Thy body, one so full and sprightly bouncing.
(A recipient of mother's hug and embraces)
Lay silently and spiritless,
Inanimate of vital spark.
For mother's sight... an agony;
An ice to hold, a sword that struck.


ambush101 said...

Very sad poem, I was so touched, I can almost cry. I reflected on this poem and I never stopped asking why. It is very painful for a mother to see her baby dying and can't do anything about it. So sad...