Hello Readers!

I was trying to arrange the layout of this blog when unluckily, I accidentally erased the template I am using. Some readers think I should do some adjustments anyways so I will just change the background and layout. I need some time to get this blog page in shape so please bear with me.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank all the readers of MHM. The MHM bloggers are continuously praying for all of you. Do send us comments on how we can improve this blog. Would you like specific features added to our blog?

Do you know that we give free counseling? For those who have questions about their lives... or for those who would like to have somebody to talk to, please email us at -- we will be waiting for your messages!

God bless us all!

The Mastermind


Anonymous said...

Hi! who among the three of you is into counselling?

merhime said...

All of the Mind, Heart, and Mysteries Bloggers are into counselling. We all read and address the emails sent by our readers who need counselling. This is a free service that we give to our readers. If you will spread the news about this free service (as well as spread the news about the MHM blog) to your friends and family, we will appreciate that!
Keep on sending us your comments :)
Thank you and God bless!