Would you like to:

Meet Potential Mentors for Real Estate Investing?
. Obtain the correct mindset about investing in Real Estate in the Philippines?
. Finally reconcile your Money vs God conflicts (Explained by Bo Sanchez, no less)
. Play cashflow 101 with like-minded people and learn tips from those
who've "mastered it".
. Meet ordinary people who've actually purchased Million Peso Foreclosed
Properties this year!
. See how the principles of Rich Dad Poor Dad are adapted to the Pinoy Market
. Find out the correct steps in doing it yourself!
. Learn to deal with your fear by getting financial knowledge about Real Estate Investing

Experience all these on August 18, 2007, at the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar at Philamlife, Manila from 8am-5pm.

What is unique about this Seminar? It features:

· Bo Sanchez (best selling author of "8 Secrets of the Truly Rich") *LIVE, a man with 16 different streams of income.

. Larry Gamboa (best selling author of "Think Rich, Pinoy"). The man who started it all with a book and a true story!

· The Game Cashflow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki. There's no game like it!

· The Franchisees of the Think Rich, Pinoy Millionaire Network. The very first batch of Millionaires in Training.

Want to GET a sponsor? Read on and we'll show you how.

Families of OFWs, this is for you.
If you know any Overseas Filipino Loved Ones who are coming home by August
18-invite them to go with you to this seminar. Larry's team will teach you
both how to convert all those remittances into passive income -so Filipino
family members can finally come home to their families.

If they cannot come, ASK THEM TO SPONSOR YOU. It will be money well spent.

After you attend, tell them all about it.

Contact Now
Contact Weng at 0915-499-1999 or call 8311334 or email to ensure you have a seat.

Fee is (P1450 / person). It's P1300 if you pay on or before August 8,
Wednesday. If you already took this seminar before and want to do it again, contact
the numbers above ASAP to avail of a special discount - there's a limited number of seats for this.

P.S. Synergizing with like minded people is a
must for budding investors.

Here's your chance to act now, see you on August 18.2007.

P.S. Maybe you can find your mentor here!

P.S. Please forward to like-minded people too!


"From the seminar I was struck by the insight that you may know all the
knowledge and be positive and all but without discipline you are still bound
to lose

"When i attended the seminar, a simple lighted candle became a
bigger burning flame which draws me in joining his group.the energy of the
crowd, and most especially, that of the speakersare being felt when one
attends the seminar