The time we've spent together
They're so distressingly brief.
Trees so quiet
Disregarding the happiness we experience
I didn't talk much
But then you understand, I guess.

The enigma in you,
It was the most miraculous thing I've discovered.
I asked, "is this true?"
Nobody answered.

And now, you are gone
I recognize those were only visions
A reverie far from verity.

Someday, I will meet you again
Not as a phantom, nor a vagary
Together we will be.


Marv said...

"I came down to you swiftly in a trance
Of unreal visions, you perceived
As a surreal knight with a vengeance
To defy the illusions you believe"

-taken from my poems also entitled "Visions"

Nice poem thinkerarian, keep it up!