Developing Internal Strength

Stress is all around us. It is inevitable... a part of our existence. Nowadays, we are filled with troublesome realities and everyday, our energies are spent on vices and meaningless activities such as smoking, drinking, worrying, lying, etc. How do we replace wasted energy? Are we even concerned about this?

We are not aware that the things that are supposed to make our lives easier, such as technology, are actually putting a burden on our shoulders. Problems are solved in order to encounter a more challenging ordeal. Today, physical strength is futile and in order to survive we need to develop our internal strength.

How do we attain inner strength? To have inner strength we have to primarily go through the processes of awareness, acceptance, openness, and discipline.

1st Process: Awareness
Awareness simply means waking up from slumber. We have been bombarded by so many information and because of this, the basic and significant essence of living slowly became unknown to us. We have been busy upgrading the quality of life by developing different kinds of technology when in fact, all we need to do is be simple and "empty" to get in touch with our being. The being made in the image and likeness of God. Our inner self. The master within us. Our conscience. The God who resides in our hearts.

2nd Process: Acceptance
This must follow after your eyes have been opened to "what is", to the present, the now. Because acceptance places us to the point when we will make a decision. Acceptance will move us into acting or not acting.

3rd Process: Openness
If awareness is the opening of the mind, the 3rd process is the act of openness itself. To be open is to be able to let go and receive. This is when we are able to listen within. This is listening beyond the physical sense... with openness, we are even able to hear silence.

4th Process: Discipline
This drives us to do what we have to do and not to do what is unnecessary. This may seem the hardest of the 4 steps but in reality, the 3rd step (Openness) is the most challenging of all. If you find this part the hardest, it means you have to go back to one or all of the first 3 processes before going through this final step.

These four processes are not experienced by any person on a one time basis. We can get to the fourth process and go back to the first at one point in our lives. What is important is that you learn how to move forward from the 1st to the last process during difficult situations in your life. Getting through these processes and learning how to stay tranquil inside during turmoil is a way to train yourself to become a stronger person. Developing internal strength is a continuous process and to tread the path of upgrading the self is not easy. But the fruits of learning to be aware, to accept, to be open and to have discipline is endless.


jz said...

Yes, I agree that this modern age is filled with confusing beliefs and conflicting ideas, teachings and theories. Everytime i am in a situation i always look back and learn from past experiences. I also ask for God's wisdom to guide me. Openly accepting my strengths and limitations and knowing when to humbly surrender everything to God's all knowing power gives me that inner strength. Also guide? we all have our PDA's (Passion , Death and Resurrection.) I just hold on to Jesus. He knows.. He had been there and He taught us how to conquer them.