Thoughts on a Rainbow

How long have I dreamt
to surmount the rainbow's end?
how long i have sought
to ascertain a colorful realm?
how long have I wished
to reach unforeseen beauty?

I am just one -
who thirsts for a morning,
who seeks for new assurances.
far beyond the corners of heaven
far beyond the corners of heaven
lies the glorious existence,
I may ascertain peace,somehow.

This very being
can't stand the pain and the noise
beneath the burning hell,
this ebbing world -
where wandering souls are suspended
in a dark shadow of transgression.

O' glorious rainbow come not
only after the rain!
be not deaf to my cries
I beg thee to reveal the mystery
of thy immortal splendour,
and show thy gates to me!


Anonymous said...

oh if only life could be that easy..... a rainbow without the rain!!!! said...

I loved the very true in its real sense. Life is like that. Life is experiential. People are coming from different walks of life and people vary in preferences. People are not alike. They differ in thoughts and feelings.. Don't wish for the rainbow to come out before the rain.. You will lost the mystery..Just let things be on its own.. After all, its how you react to the circumstances that matters and not the circumstances that matters..