He's the Man...

I am what I am today because of the presence of this invaluable person in my life
it is high time that I offer him a gift of sincere gratitude
even just in a simple way of writing
to let him know how blessed my life because of him.

He is someone who is all out for everyone
under any hurled binges of suspicion
He never investigates when charges against me
He does not ask for proofs but ask the accuser to clear out
He likes and loves me just as I am;
and doesn't want to alter me.

Whatever coat I'm wearing suits him;
whether I'm on dress suit or hickory shirt without collar, he thinks its fine
He enjoys my pessimism as much my optimism
He likes my successes and my failures endears me to him more.

He is best lover, because he never jealous
he wants nothing from me except that you be yourself
he is the one being with whom I can feel safe
with him I can utter the innermost secrets
in my heart, it's badness, it's goodness;
I don't have to be careful
in his presence I can be indiscreet,
which means I can rest.

It is him who keeps alive my faith in humanity
he is the antidote to despair and elixir of hope;
the tonic of my depression;
the solution to suicide.

When I am vigorous and spirited
I take my pleasure with him;
when I'm in trouble, I easily tell him and lend me an ear
when I'm sick he's always around to comfort me
and feel like he's taking my pain.

He is my treasured fontainhead for without him,
what would I be today?
true enough he's a giant termagant and powerful virago
that springs from the fact that he's protecting me
because of his unconditional love.

In life, you learn only to love
you learn how to live and love is just a part of living.
Life is a book written by a great author and teacher
each of us s a living novel contained in it.
We, characters are involved in various plots, settings,
reaching climactic phases of what living in the world
means 'till the final repose where a requiem is heard.

A powerful stigma of wisdom marked in my soul from him I heard
I'll always remember 'til I live
from him good things are heed
I thanked GOD for him for my life is blessed.

thanks for loving me -
you're truly the man I love and owe my life on ths earth.