My dearest friend
the most beautful in this globe
we met long years ago
when I first caught a glimpse of the big wide world.

I found her friendship as a very beautiful gift
because it was founded on a mature love -
a love that desired not itself to please of satisfy,
but a love that seeks to let the beloved grow.

She is so important and patiently guided me
especially my growing up years
provided me the very first glasses
with which I began to view life.

She filled my heart with ideas - good ideas,
nourishing ideas which I find very difficult to forget.
the way she realted to me
moulded my whole attitude of trust and mistrust in the world.

All my life I run to her and she helped me
I became a 'lil girl eager to share my life and fill her willing ears.
she believes in me and she is perfect listener
she values my ability to do something good and worth-praising.

She always has time to spare me
specially at times when ego is shaken
when crises were at such a peak and start eating me up,
she keeps me guided and reassured that someday somehow
I'd grow and willing to fight against the adversities and reverses of life.

The years that lay between us seem to vanish
each time she cradled me in her loving arms
language has no barrier for us
we understood each other's capabilities and shortcomings.

She watched me grow and showered me with full attention
my big little achievements were here, too.
her woes were my worries, too.
she taught me that life is a risk
that is long and bumpy road.

she taught me that it is giving and sharing
she taught me that no one can recieve without giving
no one can give without recieving something
she is very special person because she is close to my heart.

She loves life and genuinely interested in people
she is respectful of the uniqueness of each person
she is very happy and friendly towards life
and she never let problems crash her to the ground
above all, she is very effacing and genuinely nice person.

Although her radiant qualities outshine the rest
she is yet far from being perfect
she too, like any other mortals
has faults and limitations.

Like a kitten at one time,
she can be ferrocious like a lioness the next instant
she can be so lenient yet she can be so strict
she could be extraordinary happy
and she could be extremely sad.

As I struggled through life,
I discovered that I wouldn't be cuddled all the time
I have to get out of my shell
because there's a big world waiting for me.

I learned that people won't treat you
the way you've been treated by those who love you
I discovered that people are so easy to condemn
they judge you solely on your own doing.

I've realized that I'm expected
to show a certain amount of courage
when face with trials and adversities
and it's just not human to go through life without suffering.

Life indeed is a series of ups and downs
when I'm feeling sick and tired of struggling day in and day out
I'm losing my will to fight,
its always a conslation to know
there's someone to cheer me up -
someone I could turn to - my "bestest" friend.

Because she is an angel to me,
all that I am or hope to be, I owed to her.
my prayer is that may Almighty God shower her HIS blessings
because my life is blessed by knowing her as mine.
without her smiling presence my life would have been nothing all the years.

Do you know who this person in my life is?
I shall let you in on a secret then -
She is my ever dearest mother.
thanks for loving me -
it's straight from the heart.


Anonymous said...

This poem says it all, it has the best things you could tell your mother how wonderful she is for giving you the gift of life...

Neev said...

Only a beautiful Heart can craft Beautiful words for a Beautiful Mother(all Mother a beautiful on earth)