I'm old and useless
unproductive and timid
dim-witted because I'm brainless
and possess an ugly face.

When you look at my outside being,
I look like just nothing
because I don't possess the beauty
living souls want it to be.

I've low intelligence quotient
ignorant as I am
I'm just a trying hard one
just to feel my being a human.

My life's journey is sad
because nothing is for me
little time to experience happiness
quickly take it away from me.

If this is my life be
why do I need to exist in this world?
why do I have to suffer from an excruciating pain?
and feel my life in vain.

There's no such thing as lucky in my life's journey
There's no such blessings to come my way
There's no such happiness meant for me
For I am born to be a misery.

What I feel is not a sign of insecurity
because I am, a human who wants live righteously
who fears the LORD as my everything but my imperfections striking me.

I know where to put myself and where to stand
but allow me to express the pain I feel inside
bombarding questions draws in my mind
to lighten my feeling and totally resigned.

I feel life is cruel to me
to be imprisoned in its cage of humanity
but this is the way it used to be
my outer life's existence bound to be.

My inner being is the best guide I have in me
because it brings me into the pool of good reality
building strong foundation in my agony
acceptance of suffering is a real blessing for me.

Inner, outer being I possess as my identity
teaching me the real meaning of my journey
leading me to trod the right way
to enter the gate of heavenly.

Thank you, my guide for this life you gave me
Thank you for the wisdom YOU are feeding me
Thank you for everything as YOU are everything to me
I LOVE YOU, please, never leave me.


Anonymous said...

This poem of yours really striked me, it was really, really touching... I love it... Lance

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've read this poem over and over again, and as I've said earlier, I really love it and it touched me pero lam mo ba, and I kind of disagree to some other parts of this poem (esp stanzas 1 to 9 exp 7) coz I perceive you the opposite of how you perceive yourself on those part of this poem, but you're very good. Lance

Anonymous said...

thinkerarian, I can relate to this poem. I think you were in despair when you made this and it makes me wonder what were you going through then. I love this poem, one of my favorites. :-)ambush101

Anonymous said...

great, what a lovely day after reading that wonderful and inspiring thought of yours.

god bless


Anonymous said...

Thinkerarian, this is such a wonderful poem. Amidst all the trials and tribulations that you have had experienced, you managed not to give up but rather found God as your refuge. One thing more, I don't think and I don't even belive that you're unproductive, dim-witted or has a low IQ nor a trying hard one, it doesn't show on the articles that you've written and I believe that you are a beautiful person inside and out.


xs: I'm waiting for your reply on the other article. tnx

Marv said...

Funny at first but as I read further, I find it so touching. Nice poem! How I wish I could also write. Keep it up!