Lord: a sobriquet, a bunch of letters,
yet the supreme harmonious harmony
embracing the disturbed eardrums
and tintillating them into a universe
poured in by melodies of a thousand music,
the mysterious euphony prayed for to hear.

Lord: a tiny word
yet holds the voluminous effect
that appease my heart
and awaken it to ever-soothing phenomenon
magnified by the gratifyingness and pureness
of that word; that captures
into a whole and overwhelming lightness
all my spirit.

Lord: the seekable unseeked by some seekers
the lovable unloved by some lovers
the teachable untaught by some teachers
the adorable unadored by some adorers
the praisable unpraised by some praisers
the seizable unseized by some seizers.

Lord: so peculiar yet so pleasant
this is the language I shall always enunciate
to understand the world and be understood.